DK - Keyboard Study

D.K. - Keyboard Study в mp3

Исполнитель: DK
Релиз: Distant Images
Год: 2017
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Текст песни DK - Keyboard Study

I watch her eat it out with a full tongue and a small taste of the devil’s food,
come and get ya some
Little girl big mouth, buried alive (she's forever young)
I watch her eat it out with a full tongue and a small taste of the devil’s food,
come and get ya some
Hush, don’t say a word
The man with the knowledge in his hand higher than the birds, higher than the
three story bedroom in the burbs and you can peep inside this woman’s window it
would be absurd
What kind of mysteries get revealed in an instant, classic devil in sheep’s
clothing unmasking and basking in all of the nonsense and plastic in a temple
of mental anguish slow pain with stained with the fatal thoughts made your
heart get tangled by a mayor with the fatal plot and bumping your anal box a
boner flew it in my car a raider, call it anal rock I ate a crotch in the
dungeon of the neighborhood watch
I could be saving ya slot but ya may never know it
I’m not giving a fuck about those who pretend to be hot but that bitch is cold
a silver bullet and wood stake for ya brain will explode
Master of manipulation, crafter of a situation
Higher with a desire of acquiring some information
On another man but you can’t understand how to keep you mouth shut let a slut
be a slut
Let a hoe be a hoe, aye yo that ain’t yo business
You wanna go pro, you the number one witness
Every crime scene, every rhyme scheme, internet troll behind a keyboard with
evilish eye beams
Admiring and hiding, capturing the skills of my teams, antagonizing me and my
dreams my craft rules, everything around me crave I get the honey side do my
Just a glory hole crash test dummy
I’m the king of my own lane and the mundane after chasing fame I’ll make your
bitch pay for a new switchblade and I’ll stick you with it if you get in my way
no hesitation elimination be gone (GO AWAY!!!)
Little girl big mouth, get ya tongue ripped out
Split mouth when I fist pound talk some shit now
Sick how you talking shit about hoes I dick now
Every time I hit town, you the first to give a pound
Split crowns when I spit rounds spin you fitted round wicked sounds study my
lyrics (they all critics now)
Make you wanna click ya mouse, feeling top flipping out I dick around and have
ya grandmoms waving her wig around
I pick up ya hatred, jealousy, frustration, got you patiently waiting,
salvating and heart-racing
Just see if I’mma make you just say shit, embrace it, I’m bout to be ya lady’s
new favorite
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