DK - Leaving

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Исполнитель: DK
Релиз: Distant Images
Год: 2017
Просмотров: 4
Прослушиваний: 0
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Текст песни DK - Leaving

See I bought you diamonds
And a brotha stop lying
I bought you Donna
Ralph Lauren and Prada
I know I made you leave
Got a brotha beggin please
Got a brotha on his knees
I bought you a two way
I even left Shantae
I won't cheat again
I need you my friend
All a brotha want for Christmas
Is to have you back right in my life
Why'd you leave me
Why'd you leave me
On this Christmas
Why'd you have to go
No other man
Can do what I do for you
See I'm so confused
Got me stuck on you
My mama say
Why do I deal wit you
Said I'm a crazy fool
And stay away from you
I dissed my family
Just to get next to you
I bought ya cell phone
Can't even talk to you
All a brotha want for Christmas
Is to have you right back in my life
I mean why
Why'd you have to leave
I put the gifts under the tree
And dissed my family
I mean why
Baby I had the mistletoe over the doorway for you
Why'd you have to go
Please, come back
I don't know what to do
If I had one wish for Christmas
It'd be to have you right back in my life
[voice over]- Omarion and J-Boog

Had to get you the DKNY purse
Iced out wrist
Shopping sprees
I done damn near did everything
For you
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