DK - Summoning The Spirits

D.K. - Summoning The Spirits в mp3

Исполнитель: DK
Год: 2020
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Текст песни DK - Summoning The Spirits

Once when we were returning from a battle
We got lost in a gloomy forest
In the middle of the woods
We saw an old house
With tired minds we knocked
The door very loudly
Old woman opened the wooden door
She asked us to come in with kind words
From her pot arose a scent so weird
Stunning and bitter but very summoning

Bring me a magic potion
It will heal my aching wounds
A taste so bitter that makes
My bleeding soul feel so good
It will make us sing and dance
In our endless feast
Or it might even unleash the beast in me

She filled out pints with that devil's beverage
And served another round with a hideous grin
The world was spinning in a new light I saw
Everything and everyone was singing this song

With nature, trolls and the spirits of the forest
We are one; let our singing rise up into the stars
The witch's magic drum was still beating hard
When a goblin brought me a new pint and together we roared

Drink and dance!
People of the forest sing with us!
Who wants to brawl with me?
Who can shape a kantele from a pike's jaw?
Like the great one once did

Close your eyes
Calm your mind and drift away from the pain
Beyond dreams
Into the depths of the cauldron
Like a rain it falls
And mirrors nature's healing powers
Surrender this time
And relief you shall find

Catcher of souls
Hunter of spirits
Grant us the final drop of the life's elixir
I want to drown all my misery
Into the green trolls blood
And brown swamp drink
Fight against diminishing time
Burden of a solitary warrior's life
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