DK - This Right Here

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Исполнитель: DK
Релиз: This Right Here
Год: 2019
Жанр: Хип-хоп
Просмотров: 1
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Текст песни DK - This Right Here

Featuring N.O.R.E, French Montana, Swizz Beatz, Raekwon & Busta Rhymes

Last time they saw this movie
It was on regular screens
We ain't had no HD
No Imax
Now we got 3D goggles to watch this shit
Popcorn extra buttery
Extra sauce, 2 on that

He just buckin out in broad daylight
Started from play fights
Niggas slap box and then you stop like a break light
I rock a Rolex but never got my time straight
I can't see shit something like a blind date
Pyrex vision, hologram cocaine
And when I gas niggas I call it propane
I used to hustle with the peeps under the boxers
And my little pocket stash, allin top rockers
And weed up for my dude Made Enrique
He also uptown but he live out in BK
Used to say DK, Diablo, papo
Partners with Pablo, heroin, italiano
Flush the work, overseas gots the work
Yellow Lambo, used to let it off like Rambo
Sambo consignin, he's wheels need aligning
How the fuck you gonna go to war with a boss
With your paper in your right
And your crew hat's off
Smirnoff whackin shots, vacant lot parking lots
Sour with the scritorillo, nigga I don't care to be
Seat nigga like toilets, fuck it I'mma shit a bit

Ready or not, here I come
Red berry Siroc, red dots on em
Marvin Gaye, know you heard through the grape vine
That dope getting stepped on, great one
Everything you did I did every time
Let the fountains fly like the anytime
Man I never thought I'd really make it
You see me do some space on my pillow case
With them doors on, point the goal and
Your bitch gon swallow, we with no head
Montana shit, I been on the first track
Getting all this head and I ain't learned yet
Pimpin them hoes, 6 in the yacht
Dippin the Rolls, your bitch in the back
Uh, word to pong, I'm clappin off
Catch you in the ap fore you turn your burnies off the saw

You goin in the back, straight off the back
Peoples actin crazy, hit em with the mack
Pull out the Jag, cuz that's what all they had
Up here in the streets you know the goons parasite
N.O.R.E. we deep in this bitch
SP rockin in the streets in this bitch
Middle fingers up, you don't really give a fuck
Niggas is tryna hustle just to make a fuckin buck
Just to make a fuckin buck, just to make a fuckin buck
Niggas let you down just to make a fuckin buck
Aye, it's real out there, it's real out there
Them haters think you killed out there, killed out there
Man you a liar, set your house on fire
Ain't nothing man, I think you wear a wire
Hang him off the roof with a noose
Goddamn it and let the goons loose

Golden monk drunk, how they take pieces of gold?
Shave a nigga face, machete niggas quake
Indoors with whores, they soldiers
How at they go? We gon poke kill fly ride and roll
The most insane destroying grocers
With more back, it's scoliosis
Yo I'm runs in frontin, land best pull in shore
With the red clock on, no question
Build for the reserves, I just swerve laughin, I'm usually around birds
Not since once one strapped in
All at a time, mackin a lap on my dime
I just advise niggas, stay on your grind
4-50 game, never nigga what
I'm shutted most better, we will sever your son
Out the slum with the vultures, dinosaur chains and roadsters
Don't come around, we approaches

See when I come through, I never fear
You got em
I'm like a sniper with a riffle
Even my hood get it bad

Look, deeper than them lost troubles and badge
I'm walkin through a lane full of riches
You see all of these diamonds drippin off it
And you get to pourin wine in my glass
Havin a seat and listen to science
Odometers sparkling, glisten off me
We ball until they call police and they tryna report me
We washin all his brand like a nigga doing the laundry
See a nigga tryna chill while you niggas tryin to force me
Bitches cleanin my ratchets, I'mma get to blammin em shortly
Where the fuck you tryna step up like you some kind of contendant
You's a bitch, reminding me of some kind of a sex offender
I'll burn you to a crisp, leaving nothing more than your digit
You hear the family bitch, I enherit the name defending
Nothing's surprising bout niggas like you up on a stretcher
And squeeze until they leak, it's all like applying the pressure, pause
You probably should went in higher you will protect the cause
Ban it from TV set, but a movie don't wreck the boss
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