DK & The Band - Got to Keep Rockin

D.K. & The Band - Got to Keep Rockin в mp3

Исполнитель: DK & The Band
Релиз: Too Little Too Late
Год: 2020
Жанр: Фолк
Просмотров: 2
Прослушиваний: 0
Загрузок: 0

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Текст песни DK & The Band - Got to Keep Rockin

I go numb on the beat no novacane
My cup runneth over, I guess I over came
Ask for my welcome, I guess I overstayed
I'm sorry, but it's comfy over here man
Now I got my feet up, cold I turn the heat up
Them hoes ain't fucking with these, they so b-cup
Here's another mule kick to your speakers
Give the drummer some - alright, that's enough
Get the truck and back it up, hate me now like I'm Puff
Good as gold, like I got the motherfucking Midas touch
Talk tough and get tossed in the [camel clutch?]
Now your ass split in half, like a whole dutch
Lord, save them from the murder and the mayhem
Riding in an old Lincoln, no Abraham
Putting rappers to sleep like I'm the Sandman
Top magician from the money making jam band
Bitches head-over-heels, like a handstand
They know North Side flyer than a flight plan
Higher than the light-pole, ya'll niggas tadpoles
Feeling froggy, then jump you you fucking asshole
Now look at what emerged from the catacomb
Turn your place of residence into a battle zone
Man, I'm keeping niggas' interest like a fucking loan
Yea, up steps the one and only
In the flesh, cynically Sierra-Leone
And fresh to death, big homie and them reps the best
You knew him from somewhere, you request the Quest-lover
Then his brother bring it on, sing a song
More brutal than Ghengis Khan, the name ring alarms
The face you couldn't place but you know I'm the truth
That's before you recognize that the one from the Roots
Is on to the [t?], take an eye for another eye
Let them hear gun fire for a lullaby
Motherfucker, who the hell am I
The Black Thought from the day that your life became nullified
Stuff of legend, so what the fucks tougher bredgren
When I'm a blast from the past, that started the present
Vision of the future, I'm with the super producer
And I'm ten times as smart as I used to be
I'm seeing the voice through the speakers
Porsche two-seaters, Jimmy Choo sneakers
Real rap remedy man, true genius
Brought Yosemite Sam, two heaters
To ask ya'll bastards, if there's any last words
Besides what, when and why and other adverbs
You going to be the next fugitive capture, fam
Keep thinking you can lie, and live after
Slow your roll play boy, rabbit ears
Cause damn right it's on sight, Vladimir
Cause in a blink of an eye, you will be out of there
Scrap gets smacked for acting so cavilier
South Philly, and them cowards don't travel there
Cannons let the heat rattle there, they don't battle there
Jokers will leave you in a pool like Mike Phelps
Learning to fight might help but it's light help
If certain bullets make flack melt
Then just imagine what it do to you, even if you a black belt
My street thugs be concealing where the gat held
In the hood where it used to be a lot of crack dealt
On LCD sound systems, trips to the museum
Can't believe what I'm seeing, but don't want to make a scene
Cape diem, Cold Medina, oh Selena just believe him
He's a whole 'other being, new war, North Korea, ug
Can't find [?] [?] onomatopoeia
Boom, boom pow, peace out, wouldn't wanna be ya
Black Eyed Pea ya while I [? common denominea?]
Abba de, abba da, kind of like Mama Mia
Sunny shit, so ideal, better sip that Sunny D up
Guard your grill, rob and kill, [?] when I re-up
This is it, little bitch, time to take you to the cleaners
Natalia vs Mila, who's the baddest ballerina?
I think I see [?]
Homicidal kind of guy [?] syrup
I'm in need of something sweeter, I've been eating all these bitter
Pitter patter, little rappers, ya'll ain't even half my palette
In my palace, 30 Rockin' like I'm Alec
Got to try and keep the balance Black Thought on Jimmy Fallon
With the Mavericks at the rally 'round the basket
Leaving Dallas on [?] Catalina De Morales
You ain't Alex Tribec so stop quizzing me
Shel Siverstein, The Giving Tree
Ya'll slithery slim balls just sick of me
I'm a city slicker, Billy Crystal when I spit a beat
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